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Modern solutions for deep temperature storage of biological materials.

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BB9 Blood Refrigerator

  • Real-time Control of Internal Temperature
  • Stable and Reliable Operation
  • Multiple Safety Protection

KLF Contact Freezer Series

  • -30°C in 30 Minutes
  • Fastest Plasma Freezer

Introducing the DW-86L728ST

  • Smart, full-size touch screen
  • IoT Software System
  • Interconnected multi terminals for safety

Biostor Systems Rapid Freezing and Storage

Our products were developed for use in the blood-banking, medical and bio-technology (cell therapy) fields where rapid freezing techniques (plasma & blood products) and deep storage temperatures (below -40° to -170° C) are required.

The KLF freezers are the Fastest on the market. The horizontal freezing process guarantees uniformly shaped bags which are frozen to the core. Several charges can be frozen consecutively without defrosting. The design and construction provides for rapid freezing of plasma within 30 minutes.

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Watch this video to see the KLF Plasma Shock Freezer in action!

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