About Us

The BioStor systems were developed for use in the blood-banking, medical and bio-technology (cell therapy) fields where rapid freezing techniques (plasma & blood products) and deep storage temperatures (below -40° to -170° C) are required.

The design and construction of the rapid plasma freezer provides for rapid freezing of plasma within 30 minutes. In addition, we offer secure, cost-effective logistics and storage systems for plasma, blood products or other biological products at temperature from +4° C down to -170° C. Traditional freezing, storage, transport and control systems no longer meet today’s safety and quality standards. This safe storage and transport at constant temperatures, in addition to automated control and documentation, guarantees quality and safety of blood and biological products in a state-of-the-art, high quality, yet cost-effective, practical manner. User interaction and safety are paramount in product design and operation. Product wastage is minimized due to the rapid freezing process or the LN cooled vapor-free temperature, constant temperature of our deep temperature storage units.